Upload, Download, Sync FTP Data Automatically

Startup Control is a perfect FTP synchronization tool. It has algorithms for uploading and downloading files, creating and maintaining mirrored directories, and synchronizing local and remote folders. The unique directory synchronization algorithm is ultra-fast, performing near instant comparisons of the largest directories. Software checks a variety of parameters to locate files that are different in the two folders, and performs only those data transfers that are absolutely necessary.

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Secure FTP Information Transfers

While FTPS connections are fully secured, what if the plain old unsecured FTP is all that's available? Startup Control utilizes industrial-strength Blowfish encryption to transfer information securely over non-encrypted connections.

FTP Scripting Support

Data transfer scenarios of even higher complexity can be handled with FTP scripting. Startup Control tool fully supports FTP scripting, and allows launching external applications to automate the most complex FTP tasks.

Transfer Large File Sets in Minimum Time

Startup Control is designed to make large FTP data synchronization jobs as fast as possible. In order to further minimize the amount of data being transferred, the program employs optional ZIP compression algorithm. By using ZIP compression, StartupControl can reduce traffic and utilize available bandwidth to complete data transfers sooner.

Build Complex FTP File Transfer Scenarios

Automating your entire data transfer workflow could not be made easier. Startup Control comes with an integrated environment for building simple and advanced FTP automation scenarios. Routine data transfer tasks can be automated by simply pointing and clicking.

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Transfer Data with Built-in Scheduler

Startup Control comes with a built-in scheduler, allowing to perform fully automated FTP backups, Web site updates, and routine data transfer tasks. Scheduled tasks can occur completely in background regardless of whether or not a user is logged into the system. Startup Control runs as a Windows service and starts with the system without required a user to log in.

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